Media Monitoring - Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a 'keyword' or 'key phrase'?

Refers to specific words or topics that are submitted as search words of media content to create feeds.

2) What is a Media Type?

This refers to media that is monitored for example: Print (eg. newspapers, magazines), Broadcast (radio and television), Online & Social Media (Blogs, videos, social websites).

3) What is a feed?

A feed is a compilation of articles, broadcast clips or social media discussions - it is saved and continuously updated for frequent reporting and analysis.

4) How will media monitoring help me in my marketing and business function?

  • Real time media results are available to you for tracking
  • Provides insight into your public relations and marketing activities
  • Analayze media trends as they develop or over time
  • Keep aware of your competitors marketing efforts
  • Be anywhere and know what your brand is doing in other countries, cities or states.


5) What if I want information from a news source that is not currently on DRT's source list?

Once a digital version of the source is available DRT will add it to our source list at a cost.

6) Does monitoring take place 24 hours a day?

All media types (radio, television, newspaper, social media and blogs) are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year. We have a specialised suite of applications that monitor constantly so that we can assess and analyse your data.

7) How is the information presented?

The results are presented in a reader friendly newsletter format on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - depending on the service selected by a client. Clients will also receive real time alerts when they are mentioned in the traditional and new media. Analysis is also available in several export formats including PDF, Excel amongst others.

8) My business only needs feedback for social media. Can you help me?

DRT is able to service businesses in industries/sectors and also we are able to focus our monitoring on any media type.

9) How many media sources does DRT monitor?

Over 2.3 million media sources in print, online, broadcast globally.

10) With all these sources, I'm concerned about information overload?

No need to worry, DRT ensures that you receive only the most relevant source articles based on your pre-defined key words and phrases.

11) What if the information on my brand or company is in another language?

We have a translation feature that translates different languages to the language of choice.

12) Will I get separate reports for each brand or corporate entity under my account?

Yes. Included in each package is the option of a certain number of keyword searches, depending on the package selected. These keywords may be specific to your company, brand or product and create feeds that yield reports and/or analysis on these categories.

13) What types of packages do you offer?

We offer several packages to appeal to clients of varying business sizes and their specific needs.

Our packages include:

  • Media Essential: Monthly subscription with annual contract which incorporates keywords, weekly reporting and standard analysis
  • Media Prime: Everything the basic package offers plus additional key words, daily reporting, competitor tracking, sentiment analysis, themes report, share of voice, sources report and export of feeds for further analysis.
  • Crisis Monitoring: In the event of a crisis DRT provides Global monitoring for all Media types with several keywords and daily reporting and e-mail alerts throughout the day. Crisis monitoring also allows for trend analysis, sentiment analysis and geo-map analysis.
  • Events & Campaigns: In the event that our client requests that monitoring be done for a particular event we are able to globally monitor the event using all media types and provide daily or weekly reporting specific to the duration of the event.

 All Media Monitoring packages listed above are available as regional and global monitoring packages.

14) Are there any considerations for crisis management?

Yes, DRT is sensitive to the occasional real time information needs in the event of a crisis. We will monitor all media activity regionally and internationally from all media sources and provide reports and analytical updates on a timely basis.

15) What are the different types of analyses that you offer?

  • Trend Analysis - Identifies what is being talked about, shared, re-shared and published about your brand or product over several media types over a given period.
  • Geographic Analysis – Illustrates how your brand and marketing communication is performing across several geographic locations and media types.
  • Comparative/ Competitive analysis- Gives a clear understanding of what is happening on the regional or global landscape as it relates to your brand, industry or your competitors.
  • Sentiment analysis- Let's our clients know immediately whether something published, posted or broadcast is positive, negative or neutral. This type of analysis is also known as opinion mining, which helps you understand the sentiments of items published across media types.
  • Themes - This view analyzes themes mentioned within a feed - providing and actual list of persons/companies/organisations/products that are top mentions.
  • Share of Voice - Compares respective coverage for different key words.
  • Media Sources - Shows the highest number of media source results (source, author or publisher) of a feed.


16) I am located in Barbados and I don't want any information for the entire world, just locally can you help me?

Yes, we provide not just Media Monitoring services Internationally but also to specific countries or regions.

17) Is DRT equipped to support me in developing communication feedback or a communications strategy if needed?

Yes, whether it be responding to a negative or positive comment about your brand and product the DRT Communications team is on hand to support you in creating and implementing a communications strategy directly to your consumers inline with the message and objectives that we work together to develop.