Who Needs Media Monitoring?

Who needs media monitoring?Media Monitoring gives you the power to know what is being said almost as soon as it is said which in turn can help business drive growth and build brands. 24-hour surveillance of the output by regional and global media houses will allow you to keep track of the trends and get analytics that will help drive solutions.

  • Local & International Companies
    • Companies, large and small alike, use Media Monitoring to track the true value of their PR efforts.
    • Keep track of certain buzzwords to illustrate trends within the industry.
    • Stay abreast of what the competition is doing by monitoring their media mentions and communications output.
    • International brands can now accurately track mentions and their communications programmes worldwide.
    • International sponsors who have invested in events or people in the region can use DRT Communications’ Media Monitoring service to see the publicity generated around their investment.
  • Researchers & Academics
    • Use Media Monitoring to discover or track trends, biases or other useful bits of information that can prove critical to long term research.
  • Government Agencies
    • DRT Media Monitoring solutions provide governments and their agencies with the tools to effectively track, in real time, their public education campaigns and general public opinion, both locally and internationally across all media types.
  • Public Officials & Celebrities
    • Public officials and popular celebrities who have a heavy media presence can track positive or negative ‘discussions’ across all media types.
    • Promoters of major events can track feedback on their promotional efforts before and after events.